Laughing to myself

Surprisingly, I received an email message from him today.  He’d told me he wouldn’t be able to while out of the country and I was okay with it.  In fact, didn’t bat an eye or even question him.

I guess my honesty with him yesterday and all his free time on the flight, at the hotel, and then all day working today made him reflect on what I’d said and my apathy about our relationship and he determined to stay in touch.

It doesn’t change a thing about the way I feel, but it does mean he’s not thrilled with my moving on with someone else and his losing me.

It’s unfortunate the last year and a half he didn’t appreciate me and what we shared enough to make hard decisions.  He felt confident I was interested enough to stay with just the bits and pieces of him he permitted.

Now that I’ve disconnected emotionally and am happy, he’s facing a reality he didn’t expect.  Knowing I’m no longer in love with him and actively looking to replace him isn’t sitting well.



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