The winds of change

It’s time.  There’s no reason to continue to delude myself.  He’s my past.  He’s no longer a part of my present.  He never was going to be a part of my future.

I’m contemplating a drastic move.  Away.  To start over fresh.

If I remain here he’ll think he can keep manipulating, pressuring, appealing to my sympathy, guilting me, keeping me on the hook for his selfish needs and pleasure.

I’ve communicated my intentions.  He’s angry, hurt, vacillating between the two.  Supportive and understanding at one point and then angry and upset I’m leaving him behind.

He’s trying to convince me to stay, grow here, downsize to reduce expenses, sell everything he says is “non-essential”.

Easy for him to say.  He’s wealthy, has his huge home, his toys, his vehicles.  He has it all and refuses to give any of it up for me, but can judge, selfishly, what I should and shouldn’t do.

I have no feelings for him.  I’ve reflected.  I don’t get upset now.  I’m numb to it.  Numb to him.  He has lost his control of me.  The power he held for so long is now nothing.

I’m free.


3 thoughts on “The winds of change

  1. “I’m contemplating a drastic move. Away. To start over fresh.”

    Most probably for the best. Do you mean actually moving to another geographical location to be away from him? Or do you mean just a complete break from him, with 100% no contact, but still staying where you presently live? Or do you mean both? Regardless, I sense that a complete and total departure from contact with him is what you desire. And I agree, as I’m sure that your other readers do as well. As the old saying goes – out of sight, out of mind. So yes it’s time, time to move on – to better things for yourself.


      • Oh you’re most welcome Susan. I’m a tad slow in posting to your blog post. Been busy dealing with snow storms and (today) freezing rain here in Toronto. Hope that wherever you decide to move to has warm weather! 🙂


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