Moving Forward

I have dated on and off during my affair.  Nothing serious with anyone – I wasn’t able to commit outside of what my heart thought it wanted.  I did want to find something, someone of my own.  I wanted distraction and interaction.  A way to take my mind off his time with her.

All along I told myself if I were able to find Mr. Right-for-me I could leave him behind.  I could walk away from the insanity and immorality of our relationship and move on with someone unattached and interested in only me.

Unfortunately, living in such a small town, I had to venture out into the world of online dating.  Talk about a mine field!  Wow!  Not easy and not fun!

I’ve met interesting people.  Interesting doesn’t necessarily mean good.  Just to be clear.  I’m still searching.  I’m still hopeful.  I may just bump into the next chapter.  Or I may continue to be disillusioned by the things I come across.

My next post will detail some of the people I’ve met and the experiences I’ve had.  It’s time for this blog to change direction with me and take on a new personality.

I hope you’ll come along for the ride.  If not and you’ve been a follower strictly for the affair, I thank you for your time.  Life is short and anyone using valuable bits of theirs to read what I’ve written, mainly for myself, deserves to know how much I appreciate them.

If you do decide to stick around, know I will be just as open, honest, and raw with the adventures I’ve had already and the new ones I’ve yet to have.




One thought on “Moving Forward

  1. Oh, I will definitely be along for the ride with you as your blog changes in focus.

    Casual dating while you were still in your affair, despite what you may have at times felt, was never a serious effective activity (IMHO) since you were still strongly influenced by your ex-married-lover. As you say, it was simply distraction and diversion, nothing more.

    On-line dating does provide good results for some (or so I read) but, as to long-term happiness, who knows? It’s a crap-shoot. The odds aren’t great. But it’s still an option that may work out for some.

    Real-life dating is more of what you want, getting to know and accept each other unconditionally, during good times as well as bad, sharing many things in common together (the idea of “opposites attract” is also a crap-shoot).

    So Susan, let’s see what’s ahead for you, shall we? 🙂 Go for it, lady!


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