New Chapter

I’ve maintained my resolve.  He and I are friends, nothing more.  We met once for dinner out and then watched a movie.  We message daily, but far less.  We talk on the phone occasionally.

I’ve admitted to him I’ve been out with other men and have entered into sexual relationships with some of them.  He was initially upset.  I think he still hoped I’d change my mind and decide to continue a sexual relationship with him in spite of his decision to remain married.

I haven’t told him I’ve been seeing one for the past 8 or 9 months, long before I totally  broke things off with him, but definitely after his mom died and he made the decision to stay married.

He’s the youngest person I’ve ever dated, but I’m having the best time with him.  He doesn’t consider the age difference – 19 years – to be a problem.  In fact, he doesn’t give it any consideration.  In the beginning, I was concerned he’d lose interest in me after a short time.  The longer we’ve seen each other, the less of an issue it’s become.

I have the most fun with him.  We do things together almost every weekend – the only exception is when he’s on drill duty with OCS which ends in July.  We’ve experienced some amazing things together and there doesn’t seem to be an end.  He talks about all the things we’re going to do in the future and all the fun things we’re going to experience together.

I’ll ride the roller-coaster of excitement as long as it lasts.

I’m job hunting and hoping to relocate.  I want to move to a larger city and have greater opportunities both professionally and personally.

One of the considerations is closer to him.  It would allow us to see each other more frequently.  I’m not moving solely to be closer to him, but it’s an added benefit.  It’s a city I’m very interested in and quite enjoy exploring.  There are so many opportunities for entertainment and night life as well as no state income tax, which increases the salary I’ll receive with any employer.

It’s not the only city I’m researching.  It’s time for me to move.  I made the decision to stay here because of him and it was a mistake.  I thought I could win him over and his wife would blow her “act”.  I tried to convince myself he’d choose me eventually.  Big mistake!

Now, it’s time to move.  To make decisions for me, about me.  And I feel really good about it.  I want to start again, fresh.  No memories to linger and make things complicated.



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