A brand new day

And a brand new form of “relationship”.

I no longer share much with him.  We still stay in contact, sporadically, but there’s no longer a need for me to be open and honest with him.  Everything now is very topical – nothing from the heart or deep and emotional.

He judged me, when he said he wanted us to share everything going on in our lives, and I’ve decided he really didn’t want to know for any reason other than to keep tabs on me and my new lifestyle without him.

He and  his wife are sleeping in the same bed, once again or so he claims.  He says she still has pillows between them and there is no intimacy, but I really don’t care nor believe him.

They took a trip together recently – Both took time off work for a long weekend to get away and bike trails.  He attempted to downplay the significance, but I know it was an attempt to reconnect.

I have encouraged him to do everything in his power to mend the rift with his wife and make his marriage what it always should have been.  He says his wife is 75% of what he needs.  The other 25% is the lack of physical intimacy he wants.

The best part of it all is I no longer care one way or the other if he and I continue communicating.  The longer the stretch between, the less we share, the more comfortable I am in NOT hearing from him.

It’s a good thing.  How strongly I thought I once felt for him and now I have almost no feelings for him.  I do wish him happiness, but I’m thankful he chose to remain with his wife.  He and I never would have lasted – we’re too different.

Life played out the way it was supposed to.